Wednesday, August 3, 2022

Alien Origins

 I woke this morning after a dream wondering where exactly do we Earth bound beings come from.  There are thoughts that we might hail from the planet Mars after a cataclysmic event.  Possibly an event that left a wandering planet in shambles in-between Mars and Jupiter.  That would be the asteroid belt, the possible rubble of a collision of worlds.  The Martians escaped and landed on Earth to eventually populate and terraform a new world for habitation.  hmmm, that sounds plausible.  Another idea is that a race of super intelligent beings wandered by and decided to experiment with the indigenous peoples of the Earth  playing Biogenetic games on our ancestors, the apes.  Rearraigning DNA multiple times until we hairless large lobed critters stepped out of the ooze to claim the world as our own.  That's what we do best, point at an object and say, "Hey that belongs to me." then stick a flag in it and do a dance, poof.  Depending on how provocative the dance and how convincing your, "My" statement is determines just how much of the thing is yours and how much you have to share with those who had already stuck a flag in it.  Whole generations  have used this method for claiming worlds.  And whole generations have disappeared.  Another idea is that there is this real big bearded fellow that magically created human kind with the snap of his fingers.  This big hairy dude has been watching over us and guiding us with his sense of right and wrong since the beginning of, well, all things.  We know when he gets irritated because the ground shakes and the skies throw lightning at us.  And we know when he's feeling good because the sun shines and the harvest is bountiful.  Thing about this guy is that you're not supposed to talk about any other big creative folks or suffer the wrath.  Sounds like a good story for folks to manipulate other folks with.  Still, doesn't really explain where we Earth bound kids come from.  Maybe, just maybe have you, that we thought the whole thing up in the first place.  That everything around us is the product of some really rad shrooms, or Uncle Buck's private stock, or we just create stuff with our own thought engine, we are the creator of all we see.  Sounds kinda trippy, but hey you never know...  

Peace and Balance,


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