Saturday, August 6, 2022

Coffee on Fridays


Every Friday as the weather holds out a couple of spiritual brothers and I gather together and burn some sacred wood on a sacred fire drinking the sacred drink.  That being nice black strong coffee. Lots of nice black strong Coffee.  Although we all disagree on just how strong is strong enough, and how to prepare the black blood of life, we all enjoy the burning, the conversation, and of course the drink itself. I prefer the Keurig machine, possibly the name of a future god. Each of us has his own preparation methods.  It is said that an Ethiopian Goat Herd named, Kaldi was wandering with his goats along a plateau and discovered some aromatic beans.  As with all curiosities he tried consuming them in all manner of preparation.  After much time and a few hyper active goats, Kaldi found an acceptable method of consuming the beans by forcing hot water through a ground dried version, Coffee was born.  Kaldi reported his findings to an Abbot in a local monastery and as things happen the Abbot and the Monks claimed the discovery for themselves and poor Kaldi was lost to history, dang Catholics.  My two Coffee worshiping brothers and I manage to consume enough of the drink each Friday evening to stimulate some pretty Big happenings.  These happenings can quite literally be classified as ole fashioned Majick.  In my Grandmother's speak there are two words for Coffee, Pejuta Sapa, and Wakaliapi.  Wakaliapi literally translates to "Holy Bean"  Waka is sacred or holy, and Liapi means bean, "Holy Bean", and Pejuta Sapa translates to "Black Medicine".  Pejuta is medicine, and Sapa means black.  So, we have Black Medicine.  From the Holy Beans we make Black Medicine.  Sort of makes sense doesn't it.  It turns out that there is real scientific evidence that says drinking coffee every day can ward off certain aliments, lower the risk of cancer, and extend the life.  So I guess in one form or another it is medicinal.  The conversations this majickal liquid entices range anywhere from bad politics to the new classification of the UFO, or UAP as they are now called.  Although I have recent discovered that there are three main classifications of flying things, UAP, unknown aerial phenomena, those are the flying things that we see and can't identify at all, but they are flying and not identifiable. Then, there's the UFO, those are things that we see and can say, "Hey that's an object of some kind," be it a physical thing, a metal think, or an energy thing, we can determine that it is an object of sorts, UFO.  Last there are the IFO, identified flying objects.  That one is self explanatory.  We see it and we identify it.  Recently some of the UFO's have become IFO's and some of the UAP's have become UFO's.  This is how declassification works, little steps.  If the whole truth came out all at once you never know what sort of mayhem and mirth may be the result.  Dogs and cats getting along, people traveling without fear, no more shootings in the streets, the possibilities are endless.  Fridays have become a new Holy Day for me.  I really like Coffee.   So, I say to all readers, spend some time with close friends, family, and like minded persons, drink some of the Holy Beans and talk the Black Medicine, communicate and your conversations may actually turn into, a Communion...  

Peace and Balance,