Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Hello, Who Is It?

 For thousands of years human kind has made claims of communicating with Beings or a Being from someplace else.  We have made claims that an all knowing presence has been talking to us giving us life lessons and a moral code with which to conduct our daily lives.  If your a religious sort you call this Big Being, "God, Allah, Jehovah, Yahweh, the Great Spirit, and ET."  Or the many other names of that invisible Large Dude or Dudette in the sky.  

Our proverbial psychic phone rings and we either choose to answer the call or we ignore the ringing hoping the answering machine will take the call for us.  As I write this blog I'm watching, "Network" on TCM and the line, "I'm Mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore." seems appropriate.  When that phone rings and we answer it is anyone thinking of asking who is calling?  Or have we all collectively gone Mad as Hell?

Historically it is true that the spoils go to the victors.  A long time ago, maybe even longer, there was a war.  The combatants for lack of a better description wore either black hats or white hats.  There was a winner in this war, which hat was the uniform of the victor,? I don't know.  What I do know is that the winner has had many names over the millennia of human development, and this winner has been weaving us a story about ourselves, and the loser of the conflict.  But, like it has been said, "The spoils go to the Victors."  Who have we actually been listening to? 

My grandmother told me once that if you are approached by an angel it is wise to challenge the Being and make damn sure you know who and what you are conversing with.  A benevolent being will be tolerant and most likely let you know.  I should let the reader know at this time that historically angels appear to man to kick our tiny little butts for being stupid.  A malevolent being will most likely try to be slick and lie it's way into your life, just before it destroys you and eats you for breakfast.  Neither one of these beings is a good thing to have around.  One of them will kill in the name of that Large Ominous Being in the sky, and the other will kill just because it digs it.  Both are bad, hence Grandma's challenge.  Grandma was very good at keeping unwanted things away. 

Some of us have been communicating with Beings that may or may not come from places other than here.  I'm not sure that these Beings aren't the original voices from beyond in the first place.  We just recognize them differently because Human kind has evolved technologically into the Sci Fi realms of reality.  In our origins we ran from our gods out of fear. Then as time progressed we saw angels with wings giving us warm fuzzy feelings, who would spank us from time to time because we are bad.  They call that Hell.  Then our gods and angels became little big headed dudes flying around in circular craft giving human kind a spiritual rectal probe.  Our sci fi gods have caught up to us.  

So, do we answer the phone, or do we just let it ring?  If we answer the phone are we going to have the courage to say, "Hello, Who is it?"  I remember reading in more than a couple different books that basically say, "Beware the false ones for they lead you to your own demise."  So, who is speaking?

Peace and Balance,


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