Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Tree

Christmas lasts for a very long time at my house. We have a tree that still stands. Granted I look at it and say to myself, “I’ve got to get that thing out of the house.” But, it still remains. Romona and I do have plans to take it out in the next couple of days, thank God.

Now this may be a small miracle I’m not sure, but I was looking at the tree and I noticed something different, the tree has sprouted new buds. It is growing in the house. The Christmas tree that is slowly turning into a Valentines tree is also alive and well. It has gained the status of a houseplant. Romona has determined that we have an honest to goodness miracle happening and should give the tree religious status. She believes that the tree is happy and we should figure out a way to save it from the awful fate of burning in the outside fireplace. I agree and will try to figure out a way we can save it.

The question scientifically that I have is, “How did this tree re-sprout, and what is keeping it alive? The tree sits in a corner of the room next to a window so sun does shine on it occasionally when the window shade is open so photosynthesis can occur, and I have been putting water in it from time to time. So, I supposed it is conceivable that we have a living plant in the room.

I believe that my Romona has a power that is keeping the tree alive. She talks to the tree and plays music to it. She tells it that she’ll put hearts and flowers on it for Valentines, and keeps it in a positive light. I can see her helping the tree and nurturing it, she has used her magic to bring the tree back to life, amazing.

So now I have a task, How to take the tree out of the house and preserve it and keep it happy? How do I re-plant it outside to take it’s place again with the other trees of the wilderness? These are questions I must answer before it goes outside. Romona and I have an experiment on our hands in the form of a minor miracle. I wonder, hmmmm.

Peace and Balance,

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