Monday, February 1, 2010

Soul Mate

Sometimes in a person’s life he gets to meet the perfect match. Sometimes even that match fits like the glove that he had molded to his hand by so many thousands of wearings. Ten years ago I met my perfect match. She walked into my office and stopped my breath with a glance. I could see the glow that reached out to me and enveloped me like the perfect glove.

The trying on of the glove didn’t happen all at once though. We had a courtship that lasted a little longer than a year before we even went on a date. That night was a majickal night. It sticks in my memory like a burning candle and lightens my being. My perfect fitting glove was first my best friend before she became my lover. She was my confidant before she was my partner. She fit on me perfectly and I wear her has part of my own skin. She is and forever will be my best and most favorite being, my friend, my love, and my secret keeper.

The one I am speaking about is most defiantly my soul mate. That is the one being in this universe that fits my soul like it is her own. My heart beats within her chest and her breaths come out of my lungs. My nostrils smell her perfume and the essence that is her flows through me like water flowing through a hose. She is the yin to my yang; she is my other self, the other.

To my love Romona I bow. You are my perfect glove and you fit me and I fit you, as you are I. I thank you my sweet for being me, I can never love as much as I love you.

Love always,
Your John

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  1. John,

    Very nice. I think you two are perfect for one another. You both are great friends. Glad to know you both.