Monday, February 15, 2010

Aren't They Just Precious

I work with kids for a living, the little darlings. The problem with the kids I work with is that they’re at the “Know it all” age and have the communication skills of wannabe lawyers and professors of everything. Having kids around isn’t a bad thing, they eventually turn into interesting adults, quite often there is that child that is interesting itself, but in the middle ages, the in-between stage, the human species goes through an almost intolerable stage.

I have fortunately learned the art of ignorance and can pretend just about anything short of an exploding bomb isn’t in my personal space. This is a good thing because the little angles would be on a very short leash with an occasional whip-snapping overhead.

I do have an affinity for children though. It seems they enjoy my company and find me strangely funny. I know that sounds farfetched, but I must think on that level. The difference between me and the kiddies in my professional space is my learned ability to show a certain amount of respect and tolerance for my fellow man. I’ve noticed that the child of today doesn’t show much respect or humility and expects everything gratis. This is when I start thinking of the leash and whip, I need to start the positive thinking classes again.

I do believe in the process of a growing mind and that each should go through the learning curve. Each mind developing in it’s own pace and fashion, evolution at it’s best.

So, Aren’t They just Precious, the youth of today may they grow out of the age of the middle mind.

Peace and Balance,

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  1. Ah yes, that wonderful age when kids are little more than hormones with feet. By high school they tend to settle down some.

    Nothing more satisfying than molding young minds. It's like making sculpture out of silly putty.