Friday, February 26, 2010


Tonight after working on my laptop for a bit, my AC power adapter died, it just sort of when caput. Electricity is important; it is what guides the machinery to run. Without a steady stream of electrons the battery in the computer, already weak due to over use, does not charge therefore dies a steady and slow death.

So, tomorrow in my travels I go forth to find another power supply presumably at Wal-Mart the store that has everything. I know the darn things are expensive, but it is an important expense.

Power is the name of the game. We use it, we generate it, and we exploit it like so many bees in a hive. So, like so many worker bees tomorrow I go out to find the stuff that makes my hive run, wish me luck…

Peace and Balance,

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  1. Good luck with your search. When my computer power supply started smoking, I cobbled together a replacement from junk lying around the house. After last night's storm, you are lucky the whole grid didn't go down.