Friday, February 19, 2010

Guard Duty

Part of my job includes standing and watching over small children making sure they are safe and secure before and after they attend school. This is a duty that I take very seriously although while observing you would notice me occasionally tossing a football or sharing jibes with the kids. I am outside enjoying the fresh air with the kids, however am ever vigilant and always watching the perimeter of the playground looking for things amiss.

I have a background in military guarding styles and training that makes me hyper-vigilant, the perfect choice for this duty. The principle of the school knew what she was doing when asking me if I’d take the job. I have a partner that helps me in the guarding of these kids and together we section off the playground into two major observational parts.

Recently I have had the opportunity to deal with intrusions into our play area. The trespass was in the form of adults on both occasions and I’m feeling a certain amount of empathy for some of the more needy of our children. One of the adults had to be brought to police attention and was recently arrested for threatening a minor, the other is being dealt with by the administrations office.

My job is to protect the security and safety of the children under my charge during the day. I am a 230 pound trained killer and a master at hand to hand combat, weaponry and tactics, thank god I’ve never actually had to physically go beyond the verbal stages of my job.

Peace and Balance,

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