Friday, February 12, 2010


The secret to a good cup of coffee is patience. Coffee that is brewed to fast is watery and has no taste. Coffee brewed to slow can be used to peal paint. The perfect cup of Java is somewhere in-between fast brewed and slow brewed, a good middle ground in grounds.

I have a friend that I consider a master coffee. He roasts his own beans, grinds them, and brews them over an old wood stove. After all this preparation he stores the liquid gold in a vacuum thermos keeping it fresh and tasty.

My favorite form of this godly drink is a little darker than normal and roasted to an almost espresso like taste. Complete with a tasty muffin or coffee type desert and you have a breakfast close to heavenly.

Every morning I wake and wander into the kitchen. I stand staring at the gurgling machine reverently praying to the holy bean until the drink is done, then I drink and wake in that order. The time before that is only speculation as my memory doesn’t fire quite right until I’ve had a cup or two.

After I’ve made a pot, I serve my wife a cup and let her follow me in the waking ritual. It becomes a family thing, we worship at the same alter, CafĂ©. So, patience and practice create the near perfect cup of Joe, and If I have a hard time brewing a real good cup of coffee I’ll visit my friend and poof good Java.

Peace and Balance,

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