Wednesday, February 10, 2010

For Crying Out Loud

I’ve been listening to John Q. Public lately, and ole John has been complaining a lot about the state of affairs these days. Apparently the obsessively rich are the reasons we are in dire straights and the housing crunch is falling upon the woes of society. The Richie Riches of the world are so far out in the stratosphere with their monetary selves that they don’t have a clue on how the real people live. There is such a gap in income levels that they have become gods and the rest of us ants.

As an ant I can say I’m tired, I’m tired of carrying ten times the load to keep the Riches in their castles in the sky way up high. Ant’s revolt I say. Give the responsibility back to Richie Rich and the cronies who have taken everything we’ve worked for and invested it in futures of golden pork bellies and Tasmanian Surf boards. They have sold us down the creek in hopes that we’ll go the way of the dinosaur. But dangit, I’ve got a big footprint and if I’m a dino, then Richie get the heck out of my way cause I stompin on through.

So, ole John Q. keep the crying going, maybe someone important will hear ya and you’ll gather enough attention to change things just enough to keep a happy balance with the haves and have nots. In the mean time I still spend a buck on a lottery ticket every other week.

Peace and Balance,

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