Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Joys of Staying in Bed

Today Romona and I spent the day in our sleeping place occasionally rising to get a cup of java, go to the little room under the stairs, or find a snack. We slept muchly and enjoyed greatly the needed rest. There were bits and pieces of TV shows and movies that would change subject matter occasionally depending on when an eye would open and take a look. It was wonderful. I realized that I hadn’t written an entry in this Blog for a couple days. Time slips away from you when you’re sleeping the day away.

I realized just how much I enjoy staying in bed. I like old movies and I enjoy the company of my wife. Both are a perfect mix of time well spent. Unfortunately things don’t get done when you sleep the day away. Good thing we don’t do it every day. If the creator ever decides to gift us with a winning lottery ticket I can see that tendency would have to be kept in check.

During our sabbatical we discovered a latent talent, making spontaneous homemade pizza. I now have a favorite pizza place, my own kitchen. Romona has proven herself the master at placing the right amount of cheeses on the pie and I enjoy the yumminess.

As staying in bed is occasionally good for the soul, so to is writing the occasional Blog about nothing. I hope you to can enjoy a day of staying in bed.

Peace and Balance,

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