Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Eve

This night every year Romona and I celebrate the eve of Valentines; the day that has been taken into the hearts of couples and lovers all over the world. We take the time to celebrate our love for each other. This celebration predates the valentines that are sent to commemorate it. Many cultures bring in the spring with certain rites and rituals that are meant to bring about a prosperous growing season to the development of a happy family.

Our celebration is for our family, our hopes, and our dreams of the future. We call in the elements and the four winds to bring us a happy and prosperous new year. I call on my guides to bring Romona the gift of happiness, health, and long life. Her love and my love mix and we create miracles.

This is the eve of the day we call in the love of life and each other. This is our day. And to Romona whom I love dearly, I thank you.

Peace and Balance,

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