Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Destiny Rides Again

Destiny is a gunfighter, an artist of the unforeseen fathoms. Destiny faces you with the inevitable and at high noon makes you look real hard at it. Destiny’s guns are fate and chance; both are loaded with the ammunition of what will be and what may be. Destiny is a deadly accurate shot, the best in the west.

Destiny rides a horse as black as the nighttime sky. The horse’s name is Truth and has carried Destiny farther than any star has shone. Truth is an ever-trustworthy companion and has never let a rider down. Truth will travel farther than any other mount it is always stable.

Destiny travels from place to place from person to person looking for any foe. And with the guns of fate and chance will always prevail. Each moment Destiny rides again.

Peace and Balance,

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