Sunday, February 7, 2010


Generally when I give out advice I do so in metaphorical fashion. I tell a story that has something to do with the subject of the advice I’m doling out. I’ll give advice on just about anything. The two subjects that I try to avoid are taxes and religion. Both can get you into a heated discussion. However, my advice is free and often entertaining; occasionally it is full of it.

I ran a business where I was expected to give out advice from time to time. I had students that needed the occasional friendly boot to the head. Depending upon the nature of the advice given out would determine if the boot to the head was proverbial or literal. I have been known for both types of boots, and I do wear a size twelve shoe.

Advice is a funny thing, it can be taken seriously or it can be taken humorously. I prefer the later, but the former is often needed. Often advice is taken to seriously; this can cause complications in the receiver of said advice. The advisor has to know the advisee well before handing out words that may cause reactions and behavior that may cause other more cerebral concerns.

If you ever become an advice giver learn the art of communication well and find your unique sense of humor somewhere within your being. Here is some advice to you from me; enjoy life, don’t take yourself so seriously, get outside, and enjoy yourself everyday.

Peace and Balance,

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