Monday, February 8, 2010

Gifts of Love

Little gifts are often the most important way to tell someone how important they are to you and how much you love them. The simplest thing can bring great joy to the receiver. With very few words and the gesture of giving the heart can be lifted and happiness prevail.

My wonderful wife brought me a gift that made me both laugh and cry in the same moment. She placed in front of me a little stuffed puppy. This puppy, I call Fred, has the look of a playful little dog on it. It has little black eyes and fuzzy ears and if you look at it long enough you expect it to actually run around and bark.

Fred has become one of the funnest toys I’ve ever had. I’ll take him out and dance him around and pretend to sneak up on Romona. She’ll laugh and brush him away, then later I’ll find her pretending to feed him. So I am doing my part at sustaining the joy of Fred.

What Romona did was to give out a little bit of joy that has lasted and lasted. Because of this little gift we have something to share with each other and all who happen to fall into the warmth of Fred. Romona has given me a gift of love through a little friend and I am so grateful.

Each of us has the ability to give similar gifts. We can spread joy around to our loved ones, friends and neighbors, or anyone who might need some love and hope. This way of giving happiness is a tool that has been used to help heal the hearts of the receiver for many a generation. We heal each other through a small act and in turn that act heals the whole, this is the art of giving an art of healing.

Peace and Balance,

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