Monday, February 22, 2010

Frying Bacon

Have you ever just watched a pan of bacon fry? This morning while making breakfast I did just that, watched bacon. When it starts it looks like a slab of fat with a little meat attached. If you’ve taken the time to heat up your pan your slab of fat will crackle and pop upon hitting the cooking surface, then the change begins.

Shrinkage happens the longer it cooks. Your slab of fat will shorten and become thinner and browner as it goes. It reminds me of the aging process, we all become shorter, maybe not so narrow, we lighten or darken and we become a tad crunchy just like frying bacon.

Bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee used to be called the “Heart Attack Breakfast,” today I call it food. My cholesterol is in the good range so I’m not to worried about that stuff, however I don’t eat that kind of food often enough to be concerned. It has been written that moderation in all things enhances long life. I plan to live forever to the chagrin of my children.

There is an aroma when bacon fries that makes the mouth water. After all who doesn’t like bacon? That would be un-American. I am a watcher of many a cooking show. One of my favorites has Chef Gordon Ramsey at the helm, and Chef Ramsey claims that bacon enhances the flavor of all things, kudos for bacon.

Frying bacon is like a stage in our personal development. We age, get crispy, and eventually are devoured by the gods. Humanity, the fried bacon of the gods, we are breakfast.

Peace and Balance,

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