Monday, January 4, 2010


Strength is a term that is usually used to describe the physicality of young men. It is a word that gives an alternate name to the ego. “Look over there, young Jim can carry a house on his back and still walk a straight line.” Praise and pride come from strength in the voices of fathers, mothers, and siblings.

Strength has held a mythical status since the times of Sampson and Lancelot. Both men were presumed the strongest in the world of their generations and both fell to the pressures of ego. Sampson lost his hair over Delilah and Lancelot lost his king over the frailties of a woman. Both egos were flexing in the midst of the times they lived in.

The strong men of the world each have their kryptonite, age. When age creeps up on us we loose certain attributes. We can’t jump over tall buildings in single bounds anymore; it usually takes a couple hops, we don’t see as clearly as we once did, it takes a little more to gaze through walls, and our flying ability doesn’t amaze the masses as it once did, we are growing older.

When strength loosens it’s grip on us we can see wisdom creeping in. In the eyes of the once strong there is hidden the message of the sages, the lessons of strength. Lives once lived from Knight to King, now are lived from Wizard to Sage, we have become the teachers of our children.

Peace and Balance,


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