Sunday, January 24, 2010

Healing Hands

A long time ago I met a man that could look at a person a little sideways and tell them what was going on with them. He would give the person a quick visual check up then start a conversation with them that would open them up to any suggestion he may put out there. After the conversation was started and the information passed he would lay hands on the person usually about the head and shoulders. There might be a sudden shocked look, a gasp of breath, or the person passing out: then the realization of a malady gone. Then he would always say, “If you’ve experienced a miracle this day, never say who you’ve come to see.”

Humility in the face of the Creator is always good. Healing is an act of creation. If you’ve been given the gift of healing you’ve been given the gift of creation and should stand humble in the face of it. Reiki is like that; we practitioners of Reiki are only the channels for universal energies. We are conduits for creation to do it’s thing, create.

Here’s an experiment, focus your attention on the picture that is attached to this article. Breath and relax, let all your tensions go into the picture and if you experience a miracle from reading this text don’t tell anyone, just enjoy.

Peace and Balance,