Wednesday, January 6, 2010


You are what you eat. A popular chant ranted from the wings for many years. Scientifically the stuff you eat forms the body you use. The calories taken in are used to created the energy that the body uses for it’s mobility. We eat wonderful carbohydrates and powerful proteins mixed with vitamins and minerals from plants, dead animals, and earth to formulate our own wonderfully powerful existences.

Our outward look bends and melds to the amount taken in and the number of said wonderment we ingest. A little is often not enough and the body looks like a rail. Allot is to much and the body looks like the Good Year Blimp. As I have stated before, moderation in all things is good. We each have a perfect medium that will sustain us and keep up healthy and happy.

Back to the “You are what you eat” idea, I have a theory; if you eat enough MacDonald’s burgers you’ll end up looking like the Hamburgler and have a shortened life span. If you eat to many carrots you’ll end up growing long ears and look like Bugs Bunny. If you accidentally ingest too much of a petroleum product you’ll end up looking like an Etsell. Moderation in all things will keep you looking like a happy and healthy human type of being.

Here’s my idea of a good healthy diet. Eat everything you enjoy in moderation, and Eat less exercise more if you want to get into shape. The rest will just sort of fall into place, enjoy.

Peace and Balance,


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