Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wizard Wars

My grandfather told me once that there are no old evil wizards they only look that way. What he was telling me is that the practitioners of the black arts burn themselves out before they get the chance to live a full life. He died when he reached 111 years quietly in bed with a smile on his face next to my grandmother. She had a lucid moment and asked the nurse, “Is that Hoot?” The nurse answered the affirmative and my grandmother of over a hundred herself passed away with a smile on her face. They both had lived a full measure of life.

My grandparents were medicine keepers each from a different tribe that had found each other many years earlier when they were still young. My grandfather was a Choctaw and grandma was Kootenai Salish, a mixed marriage that worked out just fine.

Grandpa said to me that I’d be able to tell when something was amiss in my space if the temperature of the area suddenly dropped and I got the creeps unexpectedly. He was right on both accounts. Many years have passed since grandpa and grandma went to the happy hunting ground, but I remember the lessons well.

Recently In my own house I’ve had to do a cleansing that could have been described as a battle. Armed with my sage bowl, eagle, raven, and hawk feather fan that I put together with my own hands and blessed in a sweat lodge many times, walked through my space with my wife speaking sacred things and chanting sacred chants. This ceremony can be considered High Majick and is very powerful.

We encountered a black mass in the house that didn’t want to leave willingly. It was persuaded to go to it’s next reward with love, respect, and all the assistance we could muster. It no longer resides here. I know this sounds crazy, but if you ever feel someone is sending you a Gnasty, or bad wishes, remember to send them back with all the love and respect that they were given. Here’s a tool that works real well. “I’m sorry _____ I can not accept this gift from you I am not worthy, you must take it back with all the love and respect that it was given” Say this three times and be at peace. Mitakuye Oyatsin Hetchetu yelo. Ho.

Peace and Balance,

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