Saturday, January 2, 2010


When I was young I had dreams of owning a flying car. Being a fan of George Jetson and his clan I grew to anticipate that by the turn of the twenty first century we would all be flying high in our very own aerial vehicles. That dream was squished dead after I realized in my adulthood that the petroleum companies are the new gods and we have absolutely no chance of owning a flying car until the standard fuel usage has changed to a more environmentally friendly standard, which won’t happen until we run out of oil, or kill the oil companies dead.

The promise broken and no flying car available, I am preparing for the next decade of the twenty first century with a little more caution. Having managed to survive thus far into this new “depression” watching many banks die and many more homes be boarded up, I am wondering just how far we the people can be pushed before the bottle explodes and the genie escapes to threaten those in power. I fear that time because he is a genie of chaos and anarchy and down that road lays madness.

So the year is now 2010 by our popular calendar and we the people of the earth still wait for our flying cars. I want mine in tangerine orange with flaming pinstripes.

Peace and Balance,



  1. Interesting times. Hope to keep my soul nailed to my backbone long enough to see how it all shakes out.