Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Holiday Candy

A word about holiday candy, mothers all over the country spend hours creating concoctions of sticky goodness to share, with the intention of spreading it around and infecting the rest of the family with a sugar high. Some of these family members may suffer from diabetic problems and as such cannot or are not supposed to participate in wonder filled delights. Those poor diabetic souls that choose to jump headlong into the sweet delights of the season are playing Russian Roulette with their health. Those of us that have fairly normal sugar levels and are capable of metabolizing the goodness will enjoy the yumminess of the season the others will suffer.

At the end of the holiday season are the hangovers caused by an over abundance of cookies and candy. As they say, “To much of a good thing..” makes you puke. The traditional hangover from ingesting to much alcohol has it’s symptoms, but the hangover created from to much candy has a feeling all of it’s own. The headache that is involved will pound until all of the wonderful stuff has left your system and has either been peed away or flushed down the toilet in another manner. Yet, after we go back and try again to poison ourselves with much goodliness, yuck.

My advice to all, moderation, moderation is the key. Keep your ingestion down to manageable levels and you won’t wake the next morning wondering why an elephant is crawling around in your head, and your joints are filled with lead. Moderation in all things is the key, moderation will give you long life and much happiness. If by chance your not supposed to eat such yummy delights due to health issues, don’t.

Peace and Balance,


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