Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dimly Lit

I’m sitting in my armchair in the corner of my living room writing this blog. Across from me is a blanket that drapes an old wooden rocking chair that Romona inherited from an aunt many years ago. The blanket has writing on it that can lead one to think many things. If I read it one direction it says, “Ho Ho Ho”. Draped upside down as it is now it reads, “Oh Oh Oh”.

The room is dimly lit. My mind ponders the writing and I glance around the room some more. In a corner opposite me is our Christmas tree, from which the light in the room is emanating. Next to the tree is our love seat, comfortable for the two of us, or a fit for one of my large friends.

Romona and I are sitting in our personal space, a corner of the room set up with two armchairs and a coffee table that fits our stuff. This space exudes comfort. It is a place we sit face to face and have philosophical conversations about the creation of the universe and the mind of God. She is my muse and I write. The room is Dimly Lit.

For the past two or three days we have been decorating and fixing the house in hopes that we entice the festive fellow dressed in red to visit. Which leads me back to the old wooden rocker with the worded blanket draped over it. Ho Ho Ho, Oh Oh Oh, are still staring back at me. It occurs to me that one would lead to the other and I understand why Santa is so happy and Mrs. Claus is always singing.

Many children have the Claus’ a whole world full in fact that they visit each one once per year to bring gifts of joy. So to the blanket upon the chair and my wife Romona, who is my Dear, I say, “Ho Ho Ho” and leave the rest up to her.

Peace and Balance,


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