Monday, December 7, 2009

2012, To Be Or Not

2012 a year that is to live in infamy.  Supposedly In December of that year according to the Mayan and Aztec calendars, the world will stop turning and or cease to exist.  There maybe a cataclysmic explosion that will evaporate our very existence, or a burp that will only annoy us.  The many doomsayers that have been prophesying the doom and gloom throughout the eons have been blind to their own fortunes.  I think of another group of doomers and gloomers that ponder that evil day, Friday the 13th.  It comes once or twice every three months or so and many wait in anticipation while quaking in their proverbial boots.  Will this foot wear remain on the feet, or will it be scared off of said feet?  Then, as sick as I am think to myself,  "What happens if that day in December of the year 2012 lands on a Friday the 13th"?  My lord the universe could cease to exist.  About a thousand years or so ago there was an event that was equally anticipated.  Many folks waited outside the Pope's window in the courtyard of the Vatican city and listened to him speak.  I don't remember which pontiff it was, but Alexander pops into my head.  Then on the appointed time when the doomsayers said it would happen, many folks just dropped dead from freight, and many others may have started smelling real bad.  Others may be frightened out of their proverbial boots.  So, on that day in December I may go out and purchase a pair of brand new Keds just to test the scared out of theory and when we're all standing again looking around going, "That was it"?  I will go home and smile to myself looking to the sky and say, "Great Grandfather, show me the way."  So all the doom and gloomers out there, the doomsayers, and boot wearers I say, "Have some chocolate and a smile!"

Peace and Balance,

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