Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tai Chi Chuan

The universe is made up of opposing elements. We can call these elements Yin and Yang, Feminine and Masculine, Dark and Light, Good and Bad, Hot and Cold, or any combination of two opposing forces in nature. This opposition creates a constant movement between the two elements. Nothing stands still in nature, there is always change. If there were no change in nature reality as we perceive it would stop. There would be nothing to experience, nothing to see, nothing. This is called Chaos, when there is a sudden stop of molecular movement the result is the cease of the flow of energy, (Chi), and nothing exists.

Commonly it is thought that Order is calmness and Chaos is agitation. The opposite is true. There is order when opposing forces move in harmony and that movement is a constant. When one of the forces overwhelms the other then that movement will eventually stop causing Chaos, or an imbalance in natural forces. The nature of the object falls apart and it ceases to exist. From the Chaotic Wu Chi is created Tai Chi, which is from nothing and all things are formed. Wu is the master of creation, the energies of Chaos that form and bind the energies of Order, Yin and Yang.

When we practice Tai Chi Chuan, we are embracing the universal movement of all things around us and we are expressing that movement through our bodies and our breath. We have the inherited ability to feel the energies that flow around us from our universes. We have the ability to interact with those energies. We can use them to heal others and ourselves and we can use them to destroy others and ourselves, the choices are ours to make. We also have the inherited ability to create the universe around us to fit our needs and wants. This is also part of Tai Chi Chuan.

Self-defense is at the core of Tai Chi Chuan, The Grand Ultimate Fist, and practiced as a way to make one healthy it can become a formidable tool to any warrior. A true Warrior would heal the violence from the world. Starting by healing the violence from himself. This is Tai Chi Chuan.

Peace and Balance,