Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Maitreya and Santa

It is said that the Claus travels throughout the world visiting children from every continent.  Maitreya the future Buddha is known for his generosity and cloth bag that he brings the children gifts of enlightenment and health.  Maitreya is going to bring with him the new age of enlightenment and teach dharma to the world.  During this season the parallels with Kris Kringle and Maitreya are beautiful to ponder.  The first a western idea and the later eastern, but they both carry bags of goodies for the kiddies.  In the future of all men there will be a time to let down the veil of all religions.  The Creators of the universe care not for our petty pretences and religions.  The Tao requires us to love, enjoy, and learn from each other's Karma.  Christ said that there are many doors to enter heaven.  Moses had a set of laws to govern all men.  Pte San Wi taught the people to be good to each other.  In the end of all things we will find a great beginning and we will be made to look upon the book of our own Karma and read each word that we have written upon it's pages.
When we can read our pages clearly with pride we will have evolved.  The message, "Awaken as I have Awakened and see all things," will be heard clearly spoken by all.  So, during this time of year when the Claus travels with his bag of goodies; think of Maitreya who is said to be on his way with his many brothers of light. 

Peace and Balance,

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