Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reality Is What You Percieve

Reality is a strange thing.  We think therefore we are, we see therefore it is, and we feel a thing and know it’s there.  Our perceptions of the world around us form the reality that we experience from moment to moment.  Reality is a formation of our receptive world.
Our universe is formulated upon our experiences and perceptions of those experiences.  We have a group of experiences that create memories that in turn create the world around us.  This is our personal reality, the way we individually experience our universe.  I know reading this looks like allot of talk around.  The stuff of politicians, but that’s the way reality works.  We talk around it and through it swaying the questions that come to our minds about reality.  Just like an experienced politician deflecting questions from reports, and just like that deflection we end up with no answers at all.  Such is the nature our search.  We never really know the answers to our questions.  We just end up with more questions. 
Reality is what you perceive, look and see, do and learn, and change your reality.  Enjoy what you’ve created.  Be the god of your universe.  Use sunscreen and floss. 

Peace and Balance,

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