Monday, December 14, 2009


To master an art one has to practice non-stop for years and years.  Pretty soon the practicer gets better at the practice, and has achieved a certain level of acceptance within the community he/she practices with.  The individual then decides to teach or not, passing on the secrets of the trade, or not, to the masses, or not.  This is called Mastery.  
            After a period of time a master of an art forgets that he/she has achieved a certain level of awareness in that art and looks upon novices of the art with disdain and a certain loss of patience.  Only a few masters of an art gain the patience that it takes to teach other folks the art and eventually find themselves in charge of other masters of said art.  After many years and more than a few white hairs the grandparental look appears upon the face of the master’s master and he/she is considered a grandmaster.  They have become so endowed because of their personal fortitude and learned presence.  A grandmaster of an art can use that art to mesmerize the masses into the many fazes of “Ohh and Ahh.”  When the grandmaster has achieved the Ohh and Ahh magic then he/she has advanced into the outer realm of the art they teach and practice, the metaphysics of the art, everything that is and is not the art, but still maintains it’s artly qualities. 
            I have practiced my art for more than forty years.  I have had students achieve a certain level of self-awareness and pass on their presence to many students.  I’m not sure if I’ve achieved any level of anything, however when I look in the mirror I see my grandfather’s face staring back at me.  Hmmmm, Ohh and Ahh.  Just maybe I’ve got something there. 

Peace and Balance,

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