Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The New Year

In with the new, out with the old, breath in, breath out, and time travels on. Once a season we look skyward for inspiration. In hopes that the sky actually knows what we’re asking for we then uncork several bottles of bubbled drink and watch a lighted ball fall from high places in New York City.

Each new year that comes brings us closer to the future years to come and the only thing that I notice about the comings and goings are these lines on my face and the change in hair color I seem to be experiencing. Time marches on regardless, we must deal with it or not.

In just a few short days it will be the year 2010. That’s ten years after Arthur C. Clarke predicted a giant obelisk on the face of the moon, and this is the year that he also predicted that due to that obelisk Jupiter would explode into many worlds filled with life for man to re-populate. Each a Space Odyssey in it’s own right, but I digress.

2010, that’s an awfully big number, yet it truly doesn’t reflect the age of our time on this planet. It was changed back when, and after, the barefooted kid from Galilee walked in the desert.

Man has a predilection for trying to control things outside of his jurisdiction. An example of this is our attempt and putting a label on time. We label time with numbers and letters, in segments and digits, through the rising and falling of the sun, and the waning of the moon. We in our infinite wisdom have tried to take control over the realm where all things change, the fifth dimension, time.

But, time laughs at us. It judges not our futile attempts at labeling and controlling it. It only looks on and forward in every direction, back and front, laughing at our ignorance. We know nothing in the face of time. Yet we still try.

It’s almost a new year, 2010 and we will let go of 2009. Let us hope that we treat the new better than the old.

Peace and Balance,


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  1. Wishing you and Mona a blessed and healthy 2010! See you soon, but not soon enough!