Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Hearth and Home

I would like to take some time to write a serious note. Today I spoke with a friend I hadn’t talked to for about a year. He is a disabled gentleman that has spent his life in a wheel chair and occasionally walking on crutches. He suffers from a form of spinabifida, a disease that seriously effects the spine and as a result he is a paraplegic. He is a tax guy and has a business consulting people on their taxes and business dealings.

Due to his illness he was afflicted with an injury just before the Christmas holiday. As a result he wound up in the hospital going through surgery and recovery for a little more than three months. Now, my friend being an intelligent fellow gave a relative the responsibility of paying his home mortgage and bills while he was away. The mortgage did not get paid on time and was three months late. His mortgage company foreclosed on his property and when he returned from the hospital found out he had been moved into an apartment with no way of getting his home back. After 28 years of paying on a 30 years mortgage my friend has lost his house. The mortgage company was unwilling to be flexible with him even after he caught up with the back payments, they foreclosed and now he is in an apartment and his house stands atop a hill in a nice location empty.

On top of that, my friend had “mans best friend” to keep him company. He had a black and tan dog that lifted his spirits, made him happy, and kept him from feeling the pains of loneliness. Because of all he has gone through he has lost his four-legged friend because, “No dogs allowed.” This is a travesty.

It occurs to me that the problem with our economic situation in this country is not because of the people carrying debt, but rather with the lenders themselves that have let greed and malice guide them down the road to our nations economic hardship. We the little people are now the foot fungus of those with money enough to forget where this nation started. And I’m angry.

Peace and Balance,

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