Monday, January 18, 2010

Hey, I Thought You Were Dead?

Have you ever run into someone that you thought was dead? Have you ever been watching the news or listening to a radio station and heard or saw an individual you thought had passed into the next life? These days the strangest things have been happening. I can swear people I thought were gone for good, or had passed a few years back have returned to walk again.

I can imagine that some of the folks I knew back in the day have the impression that I am gone into the afterlife. I ran into a fellow a few weeks back that looked at me with wide eyes and said, “Hey, I thought you were dead?” His astonishment was reflected in his voice and his reaction. I casually shrugged it off saying that I’ve been around just not out in the open.

I was watching my magic TV when upon the screen appeared the visage of a prominent political character. I watched and listened to the voice and message for a few moments when this odd feeling came over me with a sense of confusion. The person I was watching, in my memory, had died a year before in an accident on the Potomac River in Virginia. The surrealism of the event slowly passed and my feeling normalized. The people around me hadn’t noticed anything amiss, only a close friend who called me later in the day saying, “Hey, I thought he was dead?”

To this I replied the old Chinese curse, “May we live in interesting times.”

So, pay attention to the news, listen carefully to the words spoken to you, and look carefully in the eyes of those you meet. You never know who you might see on the TV or run into at your local shopping mall. These are interesting times.

Peace and Balance,


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