Monday, January 25, 2010


Memories are like little recordings of time and space that we carry around with us in our heads. I remember stuff that makes me chuckle and I say, “I’m glad I remember.” I remember stuff that makes me cry and I say, “Why did I remember that?”

Depending upon the experience you had that created the memory will determine your future response to re-living that experience. I have a memory that was terrifying at the time that when I think about it now is funny as ****. I’ll share it with you.

I was about twelve years old, my dad and I stopped off at a Dairy Queen to get an ice cream. It was real hot on a summer day and we had been throwing hay most of the day and figured we deserved a cool tasty treat. Now, this part needs a little explanation, my dad was a high school teacher during the school year and had many an interesting student.

I ordered a root beer float and my dad ordered a vanilla milk shake, his favorite. We waited for a few minutes for our tasty delights. During our wait one of my dad’s students, we’ll call him Carl, came out front to talk with us. My dad was a popular teacher. Carl for some strange reason was acting odd and laughing a lot. My dad must have just thought that Carl was on drugs or some other thing. After all this was the early seventies.

Anyways, Carl went back inside the kitchen area of the place and out came with our delights. I started drinking my drink, enjoying the root beer and the ice cream when I heard my dad swear and jump back. He dropped his shake and out from the glass flew a great big water bug. In Montana water bugs get pretty big in certain parts of the river.

My dad’s wonderful student, Carl had put the bug in his drink as a practical joke. It scared the heck out of dad and made me run out the door. Afterwards we laughed, but poor Carl lost his job, he didn’t know the boss was behind the door watching as it happened. I guess putting bugs in drinks is not Dairy Queen policy.

So you see memories are what you make of them. You can manipulate them and change them to suit your needs. A bad memory can become a learning tool and eventually a good memory. I have allot of learning to do.

Peace and Balance,


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