Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Majick

When the world was young there were those people that walked the land singing in creation. They were the magi, the wizards, and sorcerers, they were the holy ones, the people of God. The original wisdom keepers were the tellers of great stories and the keepers of man’s history. This is how we as a people grew into our present cultures, through the acts and love of the magi, our grandparents.

In the steps of Russia lived a people known as the Kazaks. They were known as the best horsemen in the world. What is not commonly known is that they also have a rich heritage of majick and myth. These are the descendents of Genghis Khan, who ruled the greatest empire of that time, greater even than Rome. The Kazaks have a story of the singing in of creation. A maiden of fair skin wandered the desert alone singing for a mate. She was alone and covered in a black blanket decorated in bright gems. She sang for many years alone. Early one morning far in the East she heard another song. As she gazed far into the East she saw rising a bright golden light, the cloak of a powerful and wise warrior. As he stood over the land he looked up and saw her standing in the distance. They were in love and drew closer together, but just as they got closer another song was heard in the heavens, the song of the Great Kahn. The majick was so great that the three became ever entwined and the maiden and the warrior gave birth to the Great Kahn who walked with the people and sang into existence the rest of the world. This was the birth of the Moon, the Sun, and the people.

True majick is an act of love. High majick is the act of creation. When we love each other we can create and worlds are born. The stories of the past and the myth created from many years of telling these stories are our history. Look into the eyes of your spouse. The feelings you feel, the joy you see, and the words you share are all acts of creation. This is the majick.

Peace and Balance,


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