Monday, January 11, 2010

Lords of Time

I look back at things that have happened in the past and wonder how far back I need look to see the reflections of the future? It has been said that we can learn lessons for future generations by looking at the things of the past, the lessons we’ve learned or supposedly have learned on our travels to the now and into the distant tomorrows.

I’ve learned that through practice a person can effect the present through their actions and spoken words. A concentrated mind can effect the minds of others pushing them to do things that in turn affect their presents. In turn this will pass from one person to another and another until the present of all is affected. The danger here is the originator of the first thought. If this person is unstable, then the present will be unstable and from that point outward time will become unstable.

The present is the origin of time. From the now all things happen. We perceive all things in time from our nows, which is fluid and always moving. Like riding a wave the Lords of Time would surf or paddle from one moment to the next, from one time to the next, both back and forth until they are at the point intended from their original present. The neat thing here, we all have the same moment at the same time, we just experience it a little differently than anyone else making it our unique moments. Cool isn’t it?

We are each a Lord of Time, we are each the center of the universe, we are each the beginning and the ending of all that is, we are each and everyone of us, the Alpha and the Omega. Look into a mirror the next time your standing near one and gaze into your own eyes. Say to yourself with passion and hope, with love and devotion, and faith, “I Am.”

Peace and Balance,


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