Friday, January 8, 2010

Avian Flu

By a wicked twist of fate my household is passing around a viral nasty. We’ll call this infectious beast the Avian Flu. That isn’t necessarily the true nature of the beast, but it fits the description. Avian Flu is a sneaky bastard, it waits until your over tired and the bodily immune functions are low. Then it sends out a recon unit to check out your defenses. After all the intelligence is gathered the regular Avian troops are sent in when your sleeping at night giving you the sudden urge to get out of bed to relieve yourself. This is when you notice the strange pallor of the face, the wheezing and coughing, followed directly by the evacuation of certain smelly substances from either ends.

Avian Flu is the ninja of the sickness world. It sneaks up and throttles you with a heavy stick until it thinks your dead then it goes away leaving you mortally wounded looking for your mommy. I had a stand in as my mommy has been gone these many years. My Momo is the care taker and the chaser away of the hoard of evil illness. My Momo is a super human being that caries with her the secrets of the ages and the magic elixir that is hidden within a special tea who’s secrets are so clandestine that if one should find them they would most assuredly be killed on the spot. My Momo is the current holder of these secrets and I am so very grateful as she has cured, me for the most part, and given me orders to stay another day in bed. I shall have to repay her kindnesses at a later date.

The Avian Flu, not quite the name of the evil illness, but it sounds much better than blaming a poor bacon.

Peace and Balance,



  1. So that's what happened to you. For a few days I wondered if you'd gone walkabout. Get well.

  2. I was struck down by a silent killer.