Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I would like to take a moment and write about this blog. Although I put the pen to paper, and type the words that get read, I am not the one responsible for the visual artistic expression involved. That gracious gift comes from the woman that occupies my every thought. Her name is the name of a Spanish flower. Her eye is one that sees greatness in all things. She is a true artist and very soon we will be seeing her very own artwork on this blog. We will simply call her Romona.

Romona is the one that finds the photos, she is the one that checks the colors and balances them with the words I find floating on the ether. She gives my words the look that conveys the message to you the reader.

To my Spanish flower I write these thanks, my gratitude in all things, it is to you I send the blessings of the ages, thank you my Romona.

Peace and Balance,


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