Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dream Walker

I know a woman named Dream Walker. She dreams things that could be and come to past, she sees things that might happen that eventually do, and she feels things that other’s feel. Dream Walker is a seer, has empathy, a dreamer, and one who feels deeply the things around her. She is the one the forever occupies my thoughts. She is my wife.

Dream Walker came by her name in the traditional manner. It fell upon her from a medicine man with a sense of strange humor that watched her carefully for many months before walking up to her and saying, “From now on you are called Dream Walker.” Then walked away from her without an explanation. That was I.

Dream Walker has lived up to her name with great expectation and has made the one who named her very proud. Walking this dream with her has become the great joy of my life.

Peace and Balance,

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