Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Who were the ET's?

 We live on a planet that sits as number three from a Yellow dwarf star housed in the Orion arm of the spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way.  Our small section of this space is approximately 4.6 Billion Years old.  Our solar system brought itself together maybe a half a billion years before the exact birth of the Earth and other planets that occupy it.  In an universal envelope that is about 14 billion years old we are a fairly young solar system and set of planets.  Yet we still exhibit an amount of hubris much to great for our immenseness.    

How many other cultures, races, and species are present within our Galaxy, or are we but the lonely thought of a deity who's sanity may be in question for dreaming us into existence?  How long have we been staring into the morning mirror? 

In 1982 Steven Spielberg released a movie, ET the Extraterrestrial," about an adolescent alien who was accidently left behind on Earth to live through some pretty intense adventures before traveling back home when mom and dad finely return to retrieve him.  ET was so ugly he was cuteish.  I'm not sure that's what outer beings would look like.  For thousands of years there have been stories of almost cuteish or not beings visiting human kind.  Some of them are benevolent, some are malevolent, the stories change depending on the teller and time.  The truth or fiction is also up to the weaver of the tale.

Today evidence is beginning to collect about the truth and facts behind the visitations of other worldly beings.  Most stories are about the warnings these visitors are attempting to impart upon us about what we are doing to the livability of our planet.  We humans have spent most of our time trying to kill the Earth by stealing everything we can from her to propagate our own lives.  We have become the villain's of this story. 

So, here we are standing at a time when outer worldly visitors are warning us of a great calamity and we turn out to be the bad guys.  How many generations have we been listening to the stories thinking our side of the tale was told by the good guy?  A great change is upon human kind, a possible evolution is about to happen and many of us have taken up the task of retraining our thought patterns, to change the way we think and re-think our stories.  Listening to them with new ears, reading them with new eyes will give us a fresh, possible change is perception.  When you change the way you see the outcome of something the majority may not see things quite the way you do.  The spoils go to the victors.  Who originally won the war?   

We used to look for guidance from our angels.  Our angels have become the aliens.  What have the gods become, and who are we fighting for?  So, we are visited by beings from outer world space.  Maybe we're the adolescent ET left behind after all.

Peace and Balance,


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