Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Fusion the Energy of the Now?


This fine morning while observing the ABC News, I watched a report that researchers at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California have actually created energy producing Nuclear Fusion under laboratory conditions.  

The neat thing about this experiment is that it actually produced more energy that it took to create.  That means we have finely crossed the mythical barrier of Fusion Energy.  Professor Dennis Whyte of MIT is already suggesting that we push forward and make Fusion Energy systems available to tackle things like global warming, climate change, and energy security around the globe.  

It seems that the cost of producing energy through Fusion Reaction is cheaper to produce, is readily available, and potentially the answer to Free Power for each and every human being.  After all we're only talking about the power of the Sun. 

One of the big hurdles in this process is that up till now the creation of Net Energy through the process of Fusion happens at such high temperatures and pressures making it very hard to control; and who wants an uncontrolled potential star source on the planet?   Sounds pretty darn devastating.  Things have changed. 

Nuclear Fusion works by pressing Hydrogen atoms together with enough force to create Helium releasing enormous amounts of energy and heat.  The energy could be exchanged into free flowing electrons for electricity and the heat could turn turbines for electricity generation.  And, there is no radioactive waste created making the production of Fusion Energies fairly safe and abundant.  Free Juice.  

This author hopes that in a short period of time the bureaucrats will over come their predilection for controlling things and allow the world to prosper from the findings.   Maybe we'll finely grab ET's attention and we'll get the tech to fly the stars?

Peace and Balance,


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