Monday, December 19, 2022

Trump Cards?

 Sometimes I ignore the news.  I admit that occasionally I really don't want to know stuff about the comings and goings of things that look and sound rather depressing.  Violence here, crime there, people being bad to each other, and policing agencies that go to war with average citizens, not to mention real war stuff that is beamed into our brains by the media machine.  So, I ignore the news on occasion.

Our Ex-president, el Heffe Trump, kept telling the world that he had an announcement that the rest of us were supposed to find important.  I am not a supporter of the self important, self indulgent spokesperson for several politically radical groups and the militant arm of the Republican Party, Boss man Trump. 

A friend sent me a link to Jimmy Kimmel live parodying Trump's behavior.  This is when and how I found out what the big announcement was, and I must say I had no idea!  Trump's big announcement is not another run for office, it's not an admission of doing bad things, it's not even funny.  Jimmy Kimmel is funny, Trump is and has become a sad, sad example of human narcissism.  Trump's big announcement is that he is releasing a series of digital collecting cards.  Each one of these is a rendition of Trump as some sort of Super being, complete with one as a Super Hero with laser eyes.  I had no idea.

If I put on one of my other hats and analyze Trump from this behavior I would say that he is suffering from a Narcissistic injury disorder.  He is narcissistic, paranoid, delusional, and self important.  I would even say, although I'm not sure about this one, that he is suffering from a form of Psychopathy.  He feels no remorse or feelings for anything he does and I suspect he has no real emotional content.  He acts...  

Mr. Trump in all his sadness, needs serious long term therapy, possibly medication as well. 

Peace and Balance,


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