Wednesday, December 21, 2022

The Santa Claus

How much do we know about, "Kris Kringle?"  We all call him different things at this time of year, Santa Clause, Papa Noel, Father Christmas, Topo Gigo, je Pare Noel, St. Nicholas, and "the Fat Man", but who is he really?

He lives in the abandoned remains of Superman's Fortress of Solitude with an ancient army of Elves, an immortal human wizard that has the power of Space and Time in the palm of his hand.  In the beginning of his reign as sovereign of the North, Kris did personal Battle with Evil Dark Elven King, "Krampus" and defeated him soundly on both physical and magical fronts.  Ever since then Krampus has been a faithful servant of the Claus doling out punishments, and filling naughty children's stockings with coal.   Krampus has become the persona of the Dark Santa.

Legend states that Kris and with Wife Olga were on a trek across the frozen tundra in a hurry to deliver warm clothes, and food to needy children in the North when they came upon some very bad and very cold weather.  They did not survive and Mother Earth came upon them and breathed life back into them gifting them with the task of serving the children of the world for the rest of eternity.  It was at this point that the Kringle's, Kris and Olga, were endowed with Supernatural abilities, immortality, and given the gift of Sorcery.  the birth of Santa, and Mrs. Claus the keepers of the North.  Sort of sounds like a movie plot doesn't it?  

Kris was a cobbler, a master shoe maker and toy smith in life and in death these skill took on the magic of all the ages.  In the Fortress of Solitude, abandoned by Superman, Kris set up his workshop and gave employment to the elves of the North.  They, since his battle with Krampus, have become his ever loyal servants.  He taught them all he knows about toy making, and cobbling.  History fills in the lines.  

Mrs. Claus has become the worlds grandmother.  She is the master chef of the North and keeps Santa, the elves, and the rest of us in that ever present stream of new cookie recipes.  In order to truly understand her mastery of baking you have to taste her cookies.  The experience will enlighten the most staunch doubter of the Claus'.  You will be a true Believer forever more.  

So if your a doubter who is seeking that true enlightenment of the season, try one of the many sugar cookie's found in any outlet world wide.  Look to the North and say, "Thank you Mrs. Claus." And the rest will happen in it's own time.

Peace and Balance,


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