Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The End and The Beginning of a Year

 Looking North was the lone star of time.  Ever present and never swaying all revolving around it.  A warm glow rises in the East slow at first making hast as the day progresses.  Setting exactly twelve hours after it rises the air stops moving for the moment the sun disappears in the West.  The exactitude of this moment raises suspicions of supernatural interventions.  It is now the time of change.

From this day forth night grows shorter and daylight stays longer, however that is an illusion of warmth.  There are two months that follow the Beginning where the darkness strikes it's last battles to hold the night.  Temperatures plummet and ice dams break forcing water to collect in places not safe for human traffic, Jupiter sifts and Saturn waits in the fog of midnight stars.

Hidden in the blackness of the West is lightning through which is an ancestral promise to keep Spring. A host of Grandmothers and a compliment of Grandfathers waits to usher in new times, but alas the Moon has not made up her mind, 28 days more to wait. 

Gazing North again to check when or why reading the story of the change time.  How long has it been?

Peace and Balance,



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