Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Force and Natures Forces

A force is defined as a "Push or a Pull".  There are always two objects involved in the action of a force.  Forces never exist alone.  

Gravity is defined as the attraction of the masses of objects to their centers.  All objects have mass and all objects are subjected to gravity.  Gravity is the weakest of the natural forces, but the one that acts over the longest distance.  Gravity occupies the entirety of space, therefore all things are under the influence of gravity at all times.  

The four natural forces include Gravity, Electromagnetic Force, Weak, and Strong Nuclear Forces.  The Weak and Strong Nuclear forces are only effective over a very short range and occupy the subatomic level.  Therefore the only two forces that effect the mundane universe are Gravity and the Electromagnetic Force.  

At the subatomic level Gravity is so small that it is generally ignored by Physicists, and Chemists as it has very little effect on the electrochemical functioning of the subatomic particles.  The strongest natural force is the Strong Nuclear Force which keeps the protons of atoms from flying apart and hold the neutrons to the protons keeping the nuclei of atoms stable.  As it turns out the Weak Nuclear Force is the force that holds the electrons to the nuclei of the atoms, and the electrons themselves exists at an electromagnetic field surrounding the atom in a cloud.  That cloud is negatively charged and the nucleus is positively charged keeping the atoms structure together.  Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces working together.  

The human mind is a product of electromagnetic fields.  Chemically people think and change the processes at which the brain produces the enzymes and hormones that are needed for the brain matter to properly connect.  Within this structure there is an electric charge that flows in and out of the brain and throughout the body connecting it with itself and the environment.  This energy, a fundamental force, may be the thinking stuff of the brain and body.  And it connects with the Gravity of all things all around  connecting us with everything.  

The forces of Gravity and Electromagnetism are essentially limitless and simultaneously connect all things.  Theoretically the forces of Gravity and Electromagnetism are the conduits that the mind travels making it possible for it to be in all places at once, making the Mind the, "One."  

George Lucas' idea of the, "Force" from, "Star Wars" becomes more real manipulating the, "One Mind".  

Years ago there was a study done by NASA about Gravity's effects on Time.  In short, two atomic clocks were set at the same time, one was sent into orbit with a rocket and one was left at ground zero.  When the orbiting clock was retrieved and the clocks were compared the times were off by a matter of microseconds.  Sounds small, but this was huge as it proved that time is the product of gravitational forces and distances in space.  This proved part of Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the beginning of a new theory dealing with Gravitational manipulation of time.  Time travel may be possible.

If we return to George Lucas and the, "Force".  The force of gravity, and the electromagnetic force infinitely unified as the One Mind, then we should be able to manipulate time and time travel with our own intent, awareness, our Mind.  

Peace and Balance,


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