Friday, December 9, 2022

Power, The Circulation of Qi.

 Power does not come through physicality.  Power does not come through spirituality.  Power does not stand alone.  Power does not stand or exist without duality.  Power is a combination of forces that encompass the whole.  Many facets acting as one unit blended together in balance is the root of power.  

Power has roots that draw from both the Yin and Yang simultaneously. If we breath in the nose we are drawing in the Qi through our in breath.  As we breath in we are moving outwardly physically through the middle body, classically called man, (men) the home of the internal structure of the body.  We breath in the Qi and expand as the Qi circulates and the power escapes.  In reverse we breath out and the Qi escapes through the nostrils and mouth as it is drawn in through the center body and leaves.  This is Breathing, the drawing in of Qi (Breath) and the Breathing out of Qi.  

Also, we are rooted to the Earth through the feet and lower body, (Earth) classically.  We grip with our feet and legs drawing the electromagnetic energy and gravity up into the body as we raise our arms and the Electromagnetic Qi escapes through the top of the Head, Heaven in classical Taiji.  

Now we have a four directional drawing in of Qi and pushing out of Qi.  In and out the nostrils, in and out the middle body (men), drawn up through the roots of the feet and legs and pushed out the crown of the head in and out again.  This is a collective of pulling energies into and out of the physical body.

Pulling the arms back and forth from side to side circulate the Qi from right to left and back again as we create a circulation of energies creating a sphere of Qi around and enveloping the body while rooting in our feet, raising through our head crown, flowing in and out the nostrils and circulating through the men. We now have a complete sphere of circulating Qi around our complete being connecting us with the environment and the wholistic world. This becomes Spiritual in nature and Transends all physical things blending with the stuff of the multiverse. 

Power is this, not this, all of this, none of this, and everything.  Power just is, the process above is our awareness of Our Power.

Peace and Balance,


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