Monday, December 19, 2022

Shoveling Snow

 Yesterday I slept in a tad as I didn't have to work, I don't do that on Saturdays anymore.  It's liberating.  I looked out at my CRV pony and notice white stuff up to the wheel wells of my favorite ride.  I decided right there and then that I was going to be shoveling the driveway.  I started at about 8:30 am, and finished at about 2:30 in the afternoon.  The shoveling had been completed and the sweat dripped down my nose. I have a pretty big driveway and there was a lot of snow.

I shovel with one of those really big scoop things.  I push the snow around and pile it pretty high at the sides of the driveway.  After I'm done the drive looks like a frozen white canyon.  The only thing missing is an echo.  

They say that shoveling snow at a certain age can be hazardous to your health.  I say, "Get off your lazy keesters and do something every now and then and shoveling will just be cross training."  I enjoy shoveling snow.  It gets me out in the fresh air to commune with my driveway. 

 Occasionally a nosey neighbor or two will wander over and ask, "What cha doin?"  

At which point I reply, "..."  heh heh heh.  You fill in the blank.

So, Yesterday, or rather Saturday, I shoveled snow.  I had a good time.  I listened to classic rock and jammed my ear buds.  All was good in the world.  Today I realize, "Yes there are shoulders up there."  80)

Peace and Balance,



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