Thursday, December 15, 2022

TR3B Black Manta

The United States Space Force is the agency in charge of keeping potential threats from above away from our Sovern areas, Space, Atmosphere, and Lands.  The Space Force was Created by the Trump Administration as his way to put the Trump name into the space book for the remainder of US existence.  After all he makes big claims to know things, and pretends he knows what his Uncle John was all about.  He, has no clue.

The Space Command and the US Air Force, are jointly involved in a beyond secret project known as the TR3B Black Manta Space Craft.  It isn't actually supposed to exist, but follow this link and decide for yourselves:

The TR3B supposedly uses a high pressure mercury drive powered by a nuclear generator that surrounds the ship with an anti gravity field that only needs conventional thrusters to maneuver it in all sorts of mind blowing high speed maneuvers along the three axis of the ship body.  

It occurs to me that every time the public gets wind of an object and starts coming up with an explanation for that object, it becomes declassified and part of public knowledge.  It is this author's opinion that we are witnessing that change in the classification of the TR3B.  Soon we will all know that it exists.

What that means exactly for the rest of us I don't know.  The potential that the US military has had space fairing technology flying around since the 80's is scary as hell.   Some of the stories being told by the likes of Linda Moulton Howe, Whitley Strieber, Steven Grier, to name a few, sound fantastical.  If we are to believe at face value that we are in cahoots with intelligent beings from different places, times, or universes implies that the structure of our universe is not what we think it is.  Maybe it will turn out that we are indeed the aliens ourselves and we have been lying to ourselves since the beginning.    If that's the case, who is in charge of the machine?

Peace and Balance,