Friday, December 16, 2022

Silent Friend

 Quiet is a term used for solitude, pensiveness, peace, and things you say to school children. Quite combined with a sudden calmness, lack of outside influence, and a sudden invisible visitor can be quite the trip.  

This morning I took a short walk in my back yard and went through the short stacks of rocks I've got set up as an outside entry way when everything went very quite.  It felt like I was standing inside a building, there was no movement from the wind and all sounds stopped.  I got to a spot in my yard that has a triangle of natural stones when I felt a tap tap on my left shoulder.  It felt like someone was standing behind me and tapping me on the shoulder.  I turned to look, no one there.  I got the feeling I was being watched and everything returned to normal.  Weird.  

I did a little clean up before the pending storm and went back into the house.  Normally on Friday's a couple of my bestest buds and I get together and partake of Sacred Coffee around a camp fire until the UFO's go home.  It's all good fun. However, we are under a severe storm warning and it seems the weather is making plans for us.  Perhaps one of our evening friends was just saying HI?  One may never know.

I felt a friendly warmth coming from whoever or whatever tapped me on the shoulder.  There was no malice, all was good.  I have a healthy relationship with rocks, stones of all sorts.  I like their energy and the connection with the Earth Mother.  I have a great respect for the energies of the Earth, and all within.  They, she are my family.  

I can't help but wonder if I wasn't tapped on the shoulder by a relative of nature?

Peace and Balance,