Saturday, December 10, 2022

Lights in the Sky

The night sky is a wonderous sight.  When it's clear and all the lights are presenting themselves, things can be seen that may defy the viewers sight.  

Flying things that are Our flying things are usually easily identified.  Airplanes have blinking lights and make sounds of different types depending upon their  engine structure.  Our craft leave traces of fuels, condensation, and purposely deposited trails behind them.  In general we all know what a plane looks like.  

Then there are those flying things that first look like a distant star that suddenly moves from one point in the sky to another point in the sky.  Or, slowly tracks across the sky, these are usually our satellites, TV, Military, Exploration, whatever.  But, the ones that stop and go, and suddenly change direction.  You'll look up and say, "Hey what's that." As it looks so bright in the sky, then blinks out because you're looking at it.  That's just not playing fair.

Last evening while enjoying our Friday Coffee and staring at the sky, it was noticed a couple faint white lights appearing high in the Eastern sky.  These lights became a cluster of white lights in the sky that seemed to stop, move, stop again and all collect in an area directly up and East of our location.  It was a potential armada of flying things, Cool man!

We don't get to worried about the ramifications of such things, just enjoy the experience and move with the groove so to speak.  

UFO's have been re-designated as UAP's.  They have changed from Unidentified to Unknown or Unusual, depending on how the designation is used in the conversation.  This implies that an agency or agencies doing the investigating knows exactly what they are looking at.  We, know what we are looking at as well.  However, I'm still partial to the UFO designation.  I grew up with that one.  

Peace and Balance,


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