Thursday, December 22, 2022

Here Comes the Storm


On the eve of the Holiday, Christmas 2022, a storm is looming from the central plains.  So far this storm has run amok through the center of our great country freezing and washing away everything it touches.  In the North East the forecast calls for Freezing rain, High winds, and light snow.  Up here in the northern reaches of New Hampshire we will most likely see some snow, maybe rain if the temp. goes up.  What reeks havoc are the high winds that threaten to land bast us.  The weather man is threatening us with up to 60 mph winds.  That may cause several power outs and unhappy customers of the 3 or 4 power companies that swindle there ways into our households.  

This storm comes on the heals of the big snow that just left us a week ago.  That storm also knocked out a good portion of power to the southern reaches of the state.  Many of which just got their power back.  The power companies have stand by troops from many volunteer companies waiting in the wings, just in case.  Crossed fingers and a prayer may be all we need.  Ya never know.   

I have high hopes that Santa's sleigh will readily be able to handle any high altitude disturbances that he may come across.  After all this is Santa we're talking about.  This year as in years past, NORAD, North American Defense Command, will be tracking the Kringle's  progress around the world.  The children and grandparents of the world will be joyous and all will be good in the world.

Until then I will set my eyes to the South West of here and watch for the oncoming storm.  Knowing when to get indoors and make popcorn for a good movies is always a plus.

Peace and Balance,



  1. If I keep the grid and net all day I'll be shocked. Pretty set for it though.