Tuesday, December 6, 2022


 Ideas are fleeting.  They come, they go and when one reaches a certain age holding on to an idea can become a competitive event.  Some ideas have grown to become some of the neater stuff that we have in our world such as the telephone, electric lights, stereophonic sound, one of my personal favorites, and the roasted chicken.  

Chicken is Gods proof that she loves us.  Chickens are relatively easy to catch, they don't know what's about to happen, and they are naturally the tastiest morsel on two boney legs.  This is an example of a perfect cosmic idea.  See how that works?

However, God in her infinite wisdom didn't create the Multiverse without a sense of humor.  So, when we get to that certain age, let the games begin.  If you've forgotten what I'm writing about you possibly have come to that point in your life so I refer you to the top of the page.  Read as many times as it take to retain the information then go beyond this paragraph.

To hold onto fleeting ideas it may be a good idea to carry a small hand held recording device to keep a record as they come into your fold for later consumption.  This recorded information has the benefit of staying in original context and gives the thinker the opportunity to relook at such craziness in order to re-imagine the idea or to trash it altogether.  Either choice may be a goodly one. 

Sometimes you might have an idea so impressive that forgetting it to age or some other genetic abnormality is virtually impossible.  These are the ideas that can potentially change the world.  It's at these points when humankind may be at the cusp of evolution, and  gain the attention and favor of our ever present Goddess, the creator of our existence.  If she grants the idea maker an audience, the non dying type, then the world may have some cool stuff to play with for a period of time.  I mention Steve Jobs as an example.  His ideas are still growing and giving humanity the happies years after his Personal meeting with the Goddess.  She must have liked him a lot as she hasn't given him back.  

So, my advise to you the reader, the thinker, and possibly idea maker.  Record, protect, and try stuff out because you never know just how rich it might make you.

Peace and Balance,


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